If you require a sound system to play background music or make announcements in an office, warehouse or retail space then we have you covered. Sound has an impact on customer behaviour and can be a major part of any marketing strategy.

With years of product knowledge and experience supplying and installing commercial sound systems we can provide the ideal solution.

Our Retail Sound System Solutions Include:retailsoundsystem_1.png

  • Background Music Systems
  • Paging Solutions
  • Retail Store Announcement Systems
  • Sound Masking Solutions


AV Solutions will custom design a unique paging system that incorporates background music and paging to single or multiple zones to meet your specific requirements and environmental conditions - a system that offers ease of operation as it enables the user to make clear, crisp, controlled voice pages.

Our Retail Sound System Customers include:

  • Save On Foods
  • Acura
  • Electronic Arts using products from Ashly
  • Bose Professional
  • Atlas Sound
  • and more...

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