Meeting Spaces

One touch is all it takes to set up a flawless presentation environment.  With solutions to instantly adjust lighting, shades, media settings and more, your meeting will be ready to captivate the audience of any conference room, classroom, or auditorium.  When it comes to meetings, we make it simple -- you make it unforgettable.

Productivity is measured in results, and the correct utilization of a/v technology together with a comprehensive simple control system ensures your meetings are productive.

The benefits of introducing interactive audio visual technology into the work place are:

  • Reduces administration time during and after meetings
  • Reduces travel time and costs
  • Helps to reduce carbon footprint
  • Allows meetings to be more productive
  • Allows for and engages remote workers
  • Allows for communication and collaboration across distances
  • Creates flexible project teams
  • Speeds up the decision making process

AV Solutions offers solutions for all meeting space sizes and shapes. 

AV Solutions is Crestron certified

AV Solutions is Shure certified

AV Solutions is Kramer certified

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