When students can’t hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. How can a classroom speaker system help? You’d be shocked to learn how much kids miss in class. And frankly, so would they. 25% of what the teacher says in class never reaches students’ brains. In the back of the classroom, the amount of missing information approaches 40%.

Children aren’t short adults. They can’t listen like we do.

The key to understanding why Soundfield Systems work rests in recognizing that kids are not smaller versions of their parents and teachers. Until children are about 13 years old, the brain structures needed to help them effectively listen in less-than-ideal conditions aren't fully developed — with some aspects not maturing until the end of high school. Because adults are so much better at listening accurately in noise and over a distance, the impact of the acoustic environment in K-12 classrooms is almost always underestimated by teachers, administrators, and parents.

But there's more. Unlike adults, young students have immature language skills and lack the vocabulary needed to expertly fill in the blanks when they miss a new word or word ending. Children are surprisingly poor at using context to reconstruct what their ears have missed — a task that adults perform easily and unconsciously.

Most classrooms aren’t the ideal place for learning. Now place this child — with his underdeveloped listening capacity, vocabulary, and world experience — in a typical K-12 classroom. Many adults assume that's the ideal place for learning. In auditory terms, nothing could be farther from the truth.

By ensuring the teacher's voice sounds clear no matter where students sit, Soundfield Systems can overcome the hurdles of unamplified classrooms making a significant impact on the focus and achievement of hundreds of students every day.

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