CrestRon Zoom Room

Turn any space into a Zoom meeting room with a easy to install Package put together by Crestron.

A Crestron Zoom Rooms solution brings together all the features and user-friendliness of a Zoom Rooms solution with the secure enterprise integration capabilities of Crestron. Cloud-based provisioning (coming soon) affords simplified, zero-touch configuration and updates for any number of rooms across an enterprise network.

The Crestron Zoom Rooms Basic Package includes an Intel® NUC mini PC, which installs behind the room display(s) and comes preloaded with Zoom Rooms software. A high-definition camera is also included, along with a complete set of installation cables to accommodate a typical huddle room or small conference room application. Easy setup is accomplished using the included USB flash drive and wireless keyboard with touchpad.

A Crestron Zoom Rooms solution employs one handsome tabletop device to replace the individual speaker, microphone, and tablet components of a typical Zoom Rooms setup. The Crestron Mercury device (CCS-UC-1) serves as a high-performance conferencing speakerphone and touch screen control panel running the Zoom Rooms app. Its 7” color touch screen delivers the same user-friendly Zoom Rooms experience as a typical tablet, but without the risk of misplacing the device. Instead of Wi-Fi®, Crestron Mercury uses wired Ethernet and USB connections to ensure reliable connectivity at all times.

The Crestron® Zoom Rooms Basic Package with Huddly GO camera (CCS-UC-ZOOM-CAM) combines the Crestron Mercury® Tabletop Conference System with Zoom Rooms software to deliver a complete collaboration- enabled videoconferencing solution for enterprises that use the Zoom™ conferencing service. Just add one or two video displays. Everything else is included.


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