What’s a huddle room?

A huddle room is a strategically small meeting space that’s designed to allow people to meet quickly and easily. These rooms typically accommodate up to five people and feature the following equipment:

Video conferencing solution
– TV, LCD or LED monitor
– A small central table that allows for sitting or standing
– An interactive or regular whiteboard
– Chairs (optional)

Small space. Big benefits.

There are numerous reasons why huddle rooms are essential to collaboration and the success of individuals and teams in the modern workforce, and below, are our five favorites:

Huddle rooms are intimate spaces: As we noted before, there are several problems that open workspace concepts create, but perhaps the two most harmful to productivity and collaboration are noise and distractions. Huddle rooms solve this problem by providing a quiet space where a small group of collaborators can have an intimate conversation without interruptions. Given the size of huddle rooms, you will want to outfit yours with an all-in-one video conferencing equipment that has a small footprint. 

Huddle rooms help remote workers feel included: Many remote workers prefer huddle rooms when it comes to video conferencing because their ability to connect and feel like they are a genuine part of the conversation is enhanced. To ensure your remote workers enjoy true face-to-face interactions, you will want to use large screen TVs and a video unit with a wide angle camera. Highfive devices feature a wide-angle lens with a 120° field of view, which enables remote workers to literally feel like they are in the room.

Huddle rooms require no reservation: Everyone loves the idea of spontaneous collaboration, but it’s hard to carry it out if booking a conference room is only possible two weeks in advance. Because huddle rooms are small spaces, companies can install lots of them throughout the office, which enables people to meet on-the-fly for impromptu brainstorms, problem-solving discussions, and more.

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